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Financial Services

Brainworks owns 16% of GetBucks, 49% of GetCash and 100% of Getsure, the majority shareholder in the first two being MyBucks, a FinTech entity listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which focuses on distributing financial products through online platforms.


GetBucks is a technology driven deposit-taking and money-lending micro-finance institution, operational for the past four years, and was listed on the ZSE in January 2016. 

The GetBucks vision is to achieve financial inclusion in all its markets by breaking the paradigm of clients having to visit a bank branch to access services. The ultimate goal is to deliver a basket of financial products that meet most of the financial needs of customers across geographies.

Current services offered range from micro-finance loans, SME banking products and saving and money market accounts.

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GetCash is a mobile money transfer platform whereby each customer’s cell-phone functions as a bank account, creating a “mobile wallet”.

GetCash is aimed at addressing liquidity constraints in Zimbabwe by removing the need for cash transactions at merchants throughout Zimbabwe. Agents stationed throughout cities in Zimbabwe enable customers to deposit cash in exchange for credit in their mobile wallets.

Services offered by GetCash include peer-to-peer services, remittances, bill and merchant payments, bulk payments and the sale of prepaid electricity vouchers.

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GetSure is a licensed life assurance company, offering life insurance, funeral cover and accident and savings insurance products.

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